Having Natural Confidence.

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Having Natural Confidence.

Was reading something Paul Mckenna wrote on confidence and wanted to share something quite literally, if not instantly, life changing. I mean you must of heard people say ” how comforotable he/she feels in their own  skin”.

To say this about someone means they must portray a natural and seemingly easy flow of positive and exciting energy. Like a breath of fresh air. And taking a breath is so easy and natural because after all we practice it more than anything else. Trusting that our body will know how to and when to breathe.

Therefore imagine what life would be like if your inner-self shone with sunbeams of confidence. That you visualize your spirit and soul as a mirror, reflecting the glorious light of “being confident of this very thing that He who hath begun a good work in you will see it to completion” (phillipians 1:v6).

Moreover, if you deeply think on how easy it is for a mirror to reflect the light of day, how much easier is it for you to reflect confidence? sureity? faith?  Taking everything in your stride as being natural, part of the plan, and for a plan to work you are being part of the process.

Whatever frame of reference you wish to  put upon it, or context to understand it. It boils down to this: Confidence is an attitude. Faith is an attitude. An Approach to life that leads to success, motivation and thus your positive energy will be released as you become aware of yourself as a mirror soaking up and reflecting back the excitement of lifes new possiblities everyday.

Ché Palk

About Ché Palk

Born and named Che Linton Palk in Andover Hospital, Hampshire, one cold January morning 1976. Grew up in an amazing village just outside Andover called Hurstbourne Tarrant, and always still even now, though miles away, is my home. Then after 15 years we moved into Andover Town, which had massive changes not just to my social network but would lead me to reavaluate the secular world which consumed me. Not wishing to go into too much detail here,(for now), let's say I found faith. Spent many hours deciding what I believed about life's ultimate questions, Why am I here? Does life hold any purpose? Who am I? The whole God question! life was it Futile? My fialures fatal? My death final? After which I decided I needed to get out more and trance took hold of me. Been a DJ ever since. The music it matters!..
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  1. hoscpe says:

    I am a new guy! I like here!

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