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WordPress my new blogging home. As I start out and begin to share with the world my unique brand of wisdom, truth, and folly! Watch out for in the next three months, when i’ve worked out legalities, will be sharing with you my manuscript which was the culmination of my biblical studies of the Old and New Testaments.

“Life and understanding Job” from a Christian view point. My frame of reference as this is how I came to God. The realisation that we all must find our place in the universe!

3 Responses to About

  1. Ché Palk says:

    oh and guys! Never pay anyone for help with matters of the soul!

  2. Zoe Katz says:

    Bravo to you, Monsieur Palk.

    My only concern is your support for the shamanic shyster, James Hyman.

    You know, the guy described here:







    This series of articles shines a light on the dark side of alternative medicine.

    The one where the “practitioner” has no formal training in medicine, nursing, psychiatry, psychology, physiology, biology, or any advanced training whatsoever.

    Yet, they perpetuate a fraud upon the public, particularly the desperate and naive, for god sakes, read about this poor couple, http://debunktionjunction.net/archives/369

    From what I have read of you on your blog, it doesn’t sound like you would condone that kind of blatant disrespect of human dignity perpetuated by James Hyman and Barbara Hyman.

    We urge you to re-read this couples story: http://debunktionjunction.net/archives/369

    And reconsider.


    • Ché Palk says:

      Please read other comments, and you would see that I wasn’t actually saying that I “supported anyone” in particular! I came accross the study was all and it supported my views that ( now as previously stated please read comments from the professor!) on a spiritual level it is possible to channel energy or spirit, whatever your frame of reference, be it christian-islam-buddah-new age etc, and my point was nothing to do with being healed of any physical ailment without proper medical advice from your doctor! However, if at the same time you wish to try to heal the pain of the heart/ or soul/ then through any form of ritual meditation, from prayer to emptying the mind in order to reach the true self!

      Remember too that as Jesus Christ Superstar asked the pharises, “What is easier for me to say your sins are forgiven you! or pick up thy mat and walk?”. so please friend I would ask that you not judge/condemn me to being a follower of any man/woman, or that my blog supports anyone else but my thoughts and practical help/insights into SELF-IMPROVEMENT, FAITH, and CONFIDENCE.

      MANY thanks Zoe. I’m sorry if my blog has upset you or provoked bad memories I just wanted my readers to know that there are many ways to help the soul of a man. We all look upon a diamond (our idea of God or oneness universal consciousness or “life”) and from where you stand you may see Red but from here it may be blue! All right and all so wrong! be true to yourself!
      Ché xxx

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